Breaking: Robbers Terrorising Shops Meet Waterloo In Aba


 urrent time is: 10/15/2020, 12:32:42 AM.

The people of Tenant road Aba breathed a sigh of relief after some armed robbery were caught by the people after a series of robbery incident in the place.

According to eyewitness, the boys have been terrorising the people since 2018 and they were caught on Tuesday after another attempt to rob the shops.

The boys were always said to rob in a group with a keke napep driver who acts as their escape route but they were unlucky today.

According to the poster, they always come with a short gun, revolver and others to intimidate and rob from their victims.

Read below; “This happened today @ Tenant Road In ABA, ABIA STATE. FULL STORY…….


“As the saying goes…One day for the thief ,one day is for the owner of the house. The boys in the pics and videos above have been terrorizing asa road and its environs for sometime now. May 6th 2018 ,this boys came to my shop and made away with over 1million naira in cash, laptop ,an iPhone and blackberry. They have visited me personally 5 times with their most recent personal attack being on 2nd August 2020. Just last week,they shot someone in this same tenant road by ASA road. But this morning around 9am, as they struck tenant road shops ,they met their Waterloo as they came with their usual snatch and grab pattern. Angry mob pounced on them before they could leave with their loot… We the men in this area tried executing justice before police arrived.”

“At least ha-kwetara-na-men-no-here. The fair one in the middle that drew a microphone tattoo on his left hand seems to be the ring leader .their keke driver is the one in the 8minutes clip being hit with wheelbarrow and stool…the 3rd black guy has drawn pistol on me for up to 3 times with me escaping. They operate with a shotgun (a trimmed double barrel) , revolver pistol and a locally made gun popularly known as awka made. Their mode of operation is usually , they send out scouts to check the area for security outfits then the hitmen will arrive in keke after being informed to hit. They surrender you, take your valuables and drive off quickly. That surprise and attack stuff. They park with their keke steaming ,the 3 at the back usually will come down and will be facing inside their keke-napep(tricycle) and be doing as if they are bringing down something…”

“What they are arranging inside their Ghana must go bag is their dismantled weapons and loading of cartridges,then they surprise you. With you being made to freeze at the point of a gun ,you can’t raise alarm ,afraid of being shot ,one person will move your arranged or not arranged cash and jump in their get away ride already steaming and drive away.”

“Today didn’t go as planned for them,hence the images seen above or below. Unfortunately the 4th guy escaped today, he was the only one with gun today and the rest nabbed and dealt with. Stop terrorizing people and hustle legitimately🙏.”

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