How Police Labeled Me Armed Robber For Helping Robbery Victim



A Nigerian man has taken to Twitter to narrate a 2015 incident where Police labeled him an armed robber after helping a robbery victim who was shot in the head by armed robbers.

In his narration, he wrote on how his neighbor was attacked and shot by the robbers within their estate, but no one came out to help over fear of implication by the police.

He summoned courage and helped the man to the hospital, and just like other people had feared, the Police arrived at the hospital and tried to pin the robbery incident on him

Read his narration below:-

In 2015 my estate got robbed and my neighbor who was a Director in Nafdac as at then was shot in the head and needed medical attention urgently. It was 12am in the night and I saw his wife run out to the road shouting for help.

Nobody came out to Assist because everyone was scared to do so. I came out of my house and went to her to find out what was wrong. She then told me her husband was shot and he is giving up if we don’t take him to the hospital.

I immediately went to my house to get my car and put him inside the car with his wife holding him and screaming at the back of the car.

I kept praying while I drove out of the Estate in top speed like a mad person hearding to the hospital.

On our way I met a police checkpoint and they asked what was happening and I explained to them that he was shot and I was going to the hospital.

The officer immediately said I was a robber and that he was going to shoot me while positioning his gun towards me and was more convinced because the car was a nice one and I had stolen it from the Man.

I took the risk as drove off asking him to shoot at the car if he so wishes to and continued my journey from IDU to National Hospital.

On getting to the accident emergency I was told I needed a police officer before they would accept the Man and this was after I had explained and his wife was crying inside the car.

At this point I was so scared the Man was going to die inside my car and began to shout this is Director in Nafdac for crying out loud and one of the doctors who heard me decided to come towards the car to see who it was.

When he saw the face he quickly said oh it is Oga….. and that was how they move him out of the car into the hospital.

I was at the hospital for 1:30am -5am in the morning when the CP FCT arrived with some other officers and wanted to change the story that I knew about them robbery.

At this time more news had gotten out to town and NAFDAC officials had arrived the hospital and were with me while the Man was inside the theatre.

They quickly screamed at the CP to leave if he did not have anything useful to say.

Thankfully the Man was stabilized and flown out of the Country by the next week and he sold his house while he was away and never returned to the Estate.

He got back Months later to prepare for His Retirement and called me to come see him in his Néw Home In Gwarinpa.

It was indeed a very Emotional moment to see an Elderly Man almost go down on his knees to say thank You and he got me a very lovely wristwatch


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