[ Story ] The Obedient Child - Olanipekun Abiola Anointing


 [ Story ] The Obedient Child - Olanipekun Abiola Anointing





                    Bola is the obedient child, she respects her parent, she always listens to her parent instruction, and her parent is very poor. Her parent could not afford school fees, she attended community senior high school imota.

       Her mother sells paper and onions at owode – market, while her father is a carpenter, so they manage all together.

            One day bola went to the school when the time is for assembly and bola is still sweeping the class, her and her friend. They are the best friend ever see in their school, and one of her schoolmates Chioma who is found jealous of her put her money inside a bola bag and went to the assembly ground.



                 And she went to assembly ground, after the end of the assembly. She started looking for the money she did not see it she now said                that it was bola and tola take the money and she now locks bola and tola on their cloth the two friends did not talk suddenly tola       just fainted, bola now went to call Mr. Gbadebo their class teacher that tola has fainted and they carry tola to the hospital the doctor said that tola have already die bola shout and started crying yeyeyeyeyeye my friend oh.

             I am done my only friend oh bola now went home and narrate the story to her parent they fell sad bola now continue school and as she is obedient in school all the teacher like her behavior and they said that they will help her and when bola finish her secondary school after she finishes, she sat down for JAMB which acronym means Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board.

              Bola now gain admission to the University of Abuja to study Accounting, her parent was very happy and they tried their best for her, and the day she was going to school.




              Her parent talks to her and advised her to know who the daughter of who she is, she said yes she will always remember that and she was escorted to the garage pack. After getting to school she calls her parent and informs them she has got there.

              After some years of school, she finally finished university and got a job At Center Bank of Nigeria as An Accountant. She got married and blessed with twins, a boy, and a girl. Her parent her now enjoying the fruit labors of their daughter.

This story teaches us to be obedient in all things we are doing.

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She is still a student 

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