10 Reasons why your partner will always love you.


 10 Reasons why your partner will always love you.

 Is so painful that nowadays generation has lost some of the reason and facts that will make their lover's to love them.

 If you are reading this, then chill because you are going to know some REASONS that will make your partner love you or someone thing you can do that will make the person you have feelings for, love you.

 Here are some of the reasons to make your partner love you:-

1. Never love him/her for a reason, always remember if you love him/her for some things i.e money, beauty, e.t.c if those things fade away/ are no longer there again then the love will no longer be there again 

2. Always try to understand your partner's mood and pain, know when he/she is angry, sad, moody and try to cuddle/console and be there for him/ her.

3. Always try to be caring to him/her and a little bit romantic ( try always to be surprised

him/her with gift),love, affection e.t.c.

4. Never talk/backbite about your ex in public or front of some of his/her friends. This is very common about nowadays couple, But let remember that everyone is unique in his/her special way.

5. When you have a bad past or dream, share it with him/her, and don't forget that by doing this you are building up more trust.

6. Never hide, lie to him/her, let your no be no, and yes be yes.

7. Always try to give your partner time and attention because given once partner love and attention builds  up the love in the heart because without  doing this someone else outside is ready to give him/her the time and attention

8. Be a good friend to your partner, by supporting him/her to build/achieve his/her goals or vision or what they want to become in the future.

9. Always be proud of him/her, feel free to walk, talk, play, gist with him/her. And always tell your partner how special and beautiful he/she is.

10. lastly, when both of you have a misunderstanding, don't let an outsider intrude on your affairs. But note unless it is necessary to do so. you  must be able to forgive each other to build up strong love like a rock in your relationship

   By doing all this, trust me your partner will always love to be with you any time and any moment. 

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