NAMACOS: Orientation for fresher, at the school premises, NLH 1 Hall.


          National association of mass communication Students of the osun state polytechnic,Iree osun state hold their orientation for fresher that just go admitted into the great department both ND 1 and HND 1 at the school premises, start the orientation around 11:00am and close around 3:00pm.

        According to the reporter, when the orientation start, the Head of Department Hon. Oloye Tope Abiola couldn't make it to the orientation due to some reasons. So, he sent the daily part time director in person of Mr. Aderemi Adeagbo to represented him. When advising the Students, he said " Failure is never possible in first Time" that is if you know what you are doing.

         When the orientation was going on the invited speaker who is the chairperson, Nigeria association of women journalists, osun state council. Mrs Motunrayo Ayegbayo lectured on the topic "PROSPECTS IN MASS MEDIA AND JOURNALISTS", when lecturing, she said, The mass media is no doubt a tools to spread the message to the heterogeneous widely dispersed audience who are anonymous in nature, the aim sometimes might be to inform, educate, enlighten, building opinion or views on a certain topical issues, activities on the media focuses to communicate with publishing rather than an individual or a group of persons.

         She further said, their are some career opportunities in mass communication that you can chose to train yourself in the field like print media, electronic media, Advertising field, publishing, public relations, research institutes e.t.c. She explained journalism as the activities engaged in the preparation of written, visual or audio materials intended for spreading through public media. Print journalism according to history and magazines have always been a major source of news and information throughout the world and millions of readers go through them daily.

        However, she said broadcast and print journalist can occupy a number of roles within the media, including: Editor,Reporter, Presenter or News Anchor, Producer correspondent. Responsibilities; although exact duties and responsibilities vary from role to role and between radio, television and the internet as well Newspaper and magazines, As a broadcast and Newspaper journalist you'll be involved in many of the following duties: Generating ideas for stories and features and following leads from News agencies, the police, the public conferences and other sources. And she urged all Students to be dedicated to their primary assignment in school and be obedient to their lecturer.

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