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We currently based on Blog's design (Blogspot) as at now. Now, I will be listing the steps to follow when you Hire us.

★ Creating a free blog for you which won't take less than 10 mins.

★ Getting a custom domain for you in other to make your blog unique. Imagine, having a blog whose url is www.naijafanbase.blogspot.com? Isn't it sounding somehow? So, you have to get a custom domain for your blog. And custom domain depends on what you can afford. Example of a custom domain is www.naijafanbase.com.ng

★Getting a template for your blog in other to make it attractive to your visitors. And we deal with different types of template (Entertainment, News, Fashion, Video e.t.c) on different niche.

★ Applying for Google AdSense on your blog without been rejected..

For price, mode of payment or questions, kindly contact me using the available contact details below and let's negotiate.

My Contact Details
Contact me via:
Telephone: +2348055121133 (Calls/WhatsApp - available 24/7) 
Contact Form: CLICK HERE 
 Email: [email protected] 

We hope in doing business with you.

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